Monday, October 6, 2008

A Touch of Fall Decorating

I am in a dilemma, I need to work but glorious weather is trying to seduce me to come outside. I have a feeling that the latter is going to win. I can sew when the sun goes down.

I love blown glass objects. There is something about the way it shows off the layers of color that catches my attention. Surfing around Etsy, looking for Halloween decorations, I saw this great blown glass pumpkin at
Wouldn't it look great on an entry hall table sitting on a runner or silk leaves?

I am not going to decorate my house the way I would for Christmas but I do want to tuck a bit of Halloween/Thanksgiving decor into some of the rooms. I have a cool doll that is not quite a witch but she is definately dressed in her Halloween garb. I want to put her on display even though my husband thinks she is ugly. I call it unique. I guess I need to choose a spot that I will be in more than he will...the laundry room perhaps?

Happy decorating!

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