Thursday, October 23, 2008

Closet Personality

I love an organized closet. I hate the work it takes to get there but once it is done and I have thrown out or donated a percentage of the contents I feel GREAT!

While the closet is empty I paint or wall paper it to give it a fresh personal look. Using leftover or reduced mistint paint I paint that mini room a color I heck with what anyone else thinks. If I want a raspberry room and that brings horror to my husband, well I turn my coat closet into a raspberry delight! I have two rolls of a pretty wallpaper I bought for $1.99 a roll. I have a place that is going to benefit from a sunny yellow print. Don't forget to paint the shelves and trim a fresh color with semigloss paint.
Knowing that you get to add spice to your closet might help motivate you to clean it out!


Waterrose said...

Your blog is lovely and your statement on decorating is perfect. Thanks for visiting my blog and come back!

Jennifer said...

That is a great idea!

Thanks for visiting my blog. And I really doubt that people are going to love Captain Underwear books in the future. I guess we will see!

Amber Dawn said...

ooooh I want to see pics!! I am in the process of cleaning out and organising my wholehouse. Paint might be a project for Spring.