Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Bargains

The stores have much to offer in the mark down section this season. An added bonus is that the colors are not limited to traditional holiday colors anymore. This means that you can buy linens, tablewear,home decor and decorations to use all year round at 50% off.

Think about ways to use the wreaths to celebrate winter. Would removing the bow or adding a different one make it fit your den decor? Candles can be bought for gifts as well as to treat yourself. Change up the candle by adding a bit of ribbon or a charm to the outside.

While shopping I saw lots of the metal containers that work well for drink storage during a party. Textures or cut out designs give them such decorating interest. Like the style but want more than just holiday use out of them? Spray paint them in a great color. Give them a new job by drilling holes in the bottom for drainage and they become great planters for the outdoors.

Discount shopping is so much fun. Combine it with a creative outlook and you will come home with new additions to your home decor.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Closet Personality

I love an organized closet. I hate the work it takes to get there but once it is done and I have thrown out or donated a percentage of the contents I feel GREAT!

While the closet is empty I paint or wall paper it to give it a fresh personal look. Using leftover or reduced mistint paint I paint that mini room a color I heck with what anyone else thinks. If I want a raspberry room and that brings horror to my husband, well I turn my coat closet into a raspberry delight! I have two rolls of a pretty wallpaper I bought for $1.99 a roll. I have a place that is going to benefit from a sunny yellow print. Don't forget to paint the shelves and trim a fresh color with semigloss paint.
Knowing that you get to add spice to your closet might help motivate you to clean it out!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Touch of Fall Decorating

I am in a dilemma, I need to work but glorious weather is trying to seduce me to come outside. I have a feeling that the latter is going to win. I can sew when the sun goes down.

I love blown glass objects. There is something about the way it shows off the layers of color that catches my attention. Surfing around Etsy, looking for Halloween decorations, I saw this great blown glass pumpkin at
Wouldn't it look great on an entry hall table sitting on a runner or silk leaves?

I am not going to decorate my house the way I would for Christmas but I do want to tuck a bit of Halloween/Thanksgiving decor into some of the rooms. I have a cool doll that is not quite a witch but she is definately dressed in her Halloween garb. I want to put her on display even though my husband thinks she is ugly. I call it unique. I guess I need to choose a spot that I will be in more than he will...the laundry room perhaps?

Happy decorating!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Recycle For Easy Fall Decor

I took a walk today and saw the leaves starting to change on a few 'leader of the pack' trees. All of the seasons have their merits but spring and fall seem to be more special because of the changes in the landscape.

A cluster of trees when painted with shades of orange, gold, brown and green remind me of a quilt. You take a little of this and a little of that and stand back to marvel at the way everything works together.

Take some time this week to make changes in your home to reflect the season. Hanging a wreath on the door and placing a pot of mums on the steps is easy. Don't forget to add something to your back entrance too.

Planting cool weather pansies will give you pleasure right into next spring. Find something unusual to use as a planter. I have an old suitcase style basket that was worn and cracking. On the way to the trash can I decided to give it a second chance. This week it will be sprayed with a protective sealer. I will then find a place in my yard that I want a surprise of color. It will be easy to tuck the basket into this space, prop the lid open and then fill the basket with pots of giant purple and yellow pansies.

It won't take much money or time to complete this project but I will enjoy the results for months. Look around and see what you can recycle into a planter holder. A rusty child's wagon, a bucket with a hole in the bottom or even a pair of outgrown boots will work. Do you remember when people painted old tractor tires white and used them as planters? ( Did I just show my Southern country roots AND age?)

I want to share more ideas with you that will help you easily create a home and life you love. Join me each week in my new blog called 'I Love My Home'.

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