Sunday, June 20, 2010

Old Chair...New Look

I love this chair because it has that added touch that makes it special. This one was commercially made but it got me thinking about how easy it would be to create an interesting back on a similar piece.

Do you have embroidered samplers that you or a relative made in years past? Wouldn't that look cool? Too big? Let them go off the edges. Too small? Sew a border of fabric around it.

How about an old quilt piece? Or just a great fabric with lots of personality on the back and something solid on the seat.

If the chair frame is past the pretty stage then paint it with a great color that you don't often use.

It is all about making the piece uniquely you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are you watching DESIGN STAR on HGTV? I am not so much into the conflicts of personalities and the drama that goes on ( you know the constant 'will it be finished in time' stuff) but I do love seeing what they come up with for the space. I loved and hated the rooms that were part of the white box challenge.

I thought the girl that went home deserved to go. Feathers on the floor and chaotic blue walls for a man that said he was corporate professional...really? This is a designer that does what she wants and not what the client asks for.

The winner of the night , Nina, did a room that did not fit a guy but would look great in a young girls room. My favorite feature was the row of paper umbrellas along the walls. This would be fairly reasonable in price to do but gives a great focal point to the room.
Check out the picture

What caught your eye in this episode that you would like to recreate?