Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Difference A Day Makes

Sorry there has been a gap in my posts. I have been tackling a few projects around the house as well as working on clients' homes. The hours and days fly by for me. I bet you feel the same.

Before we move into the busy holiday season I want to encourage you to tackle a few projects that will improve your home. Aim for something that will take no more than a couple of hours so that you will feel like you have accomplished something that day.

How is your entryway looking? Tired? Dirty? Dated? Pick a rich luscious color of paint and transform the door. Is the hardware rusty or discolored? Change it out, perhaps with a new finish. Power wash the steps and walkway to bring freshness to the area. As a finishing touch add plants that will bring color throughout the next season. Pansies are my favorite in cold weather because they bloom abundantly when a chill is in the air. A silk topiary in an interesting planter looks great on the front porch so think in that direction if live plants don't work for you.

Another quick change is to hang a piece of art in an empty space. Perhaps you have something stashed in the attic or under your bed that you loved in a previous home and just didn't hang it when you moved. Unless it is dated or faded, find a spot for it. If you don't already own something, a shopping trip to a home decor store or art festival will let you find something you connect to and want to enjoy daily.

One last idea for project day...what needs to be fixed but no one ever gets around to it? Restapling busted screens, shaving sticky doors, cleaning off a top shelf so that things don't tumble out constantly....I bet you can easily add to this list . Just do it! So many things take about 10 minutes to do. These small fixes will make you feel better about your surroundings.

I would love to hear what you have done in your one day project.

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