Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Space For You

A Space For You

For most women, the bathroom is a retreat. Does yours look like a restful spa or is it a cluttered dingy box? Transforming this area starts with a plan. First clear everything movable out. Look at your space. Do you want a new color scheme? Is it time to paint or wallpaper? What are your storage issues?

Let’s start with the walls. Go to the paint and wallpaper store and collect samples. Pick up safe choices as well as something you have never tried before. Using painters tape, tack everything on the wall and live with it a couple of days. Make a choice and go for it.

Your new bathroom is going to stay clutter free. If you have a vanity, clean it out. If you have lived in this house for a few years you will marvel at the things that you have taking up space. Jr. is graduating from high school this year so you can throw away the diaper rash ointment. If you looked good at the disco in that glitter make up and it wasn’t a retro dance get rid of it. Toss, toss, toss. Now look at the clean drawers and plan out what goes where. Have a place for the curling iron and blow dryer. Keep the styling products in a drawer not on the countertop. Shop for items that will help you use the space efficiently. Line the drawers with pretty paper that you will enjoy each time you reach for your brush.

Your walls will need artwork. Because of the humidity of the room, don’t place your priceless paintings in this area. This is a great place for prints that are big on style and small on price.

Splurge on big fluffy towels and a warm plush rug and your bathroom will become a sensual haven. MMMM relax and enjoy.


365 Letters said...

My bathroom really needs a makeover! Thanks for the useful tips!

Jacie said...

Love the bathroom. You are so right about the products on the counter. I hate that (but I'm guilty of it sometimes). We'll be moving soon and I can't wait to change the style of my home. I'll be back here for tips. And thanks for following along at my boutique Chic Bebe Couture. Our grand opening is Jan. 20 and we'll be having some great deals in addition to GIVEAWAYS AND FREE STUFF. Hope you join us Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful! The color selection is so relaxing but vibrant.

Alexis said...

Thanks, you've really inspired to give my bathroom some attention! It really needs it. :) It would be so nice to have a restful-spa-bathroom.

I wish I could paint it though too but I can't. :( lame rentals! If I could I might paint it.. hm maybe a Mediterranean green.